Welcome to Songtradr

We are a passionate group of musicians, thinkers, builders, coders, business professionals and artist advocates with a simple mission; to revolutionize the process of exchanging music rights and provide unparalleled value for the creative classes. Our world class platform empowers music makers with a comprehensive set of tools and services to professionally manage their careers, while our automated marketplace and talented music supervisors streamline the music discovery and licensing process.

US Team

Paul Wiltshire

Chief Executive Officer

Helge C. Steffen

Chief Technology Officer

Clare Nicholls

Chief Financial Officer

Victoria Wiltshire

Chief Experience Officer

Jody McKinley

EVP Global Revenue & Music

Steve Karpowicz

SVP Music

Michele Boudreau

Financial Controller

Brandon Fownes

Director of Music

Breanna McFarlane

Curation Manager

Stella Gessel

Music Curator

Lauren O'Connor

Music Curator

Anna Semendyayeva

Music Curator

Natalie Hagopian-Chauffour

Music Curator

Kara McGehee

Director of Music Operations

Ryan Pino

Music Operations Manager

Ravi Soni

Music Operations Specialist

Kevin Lopez

Music Operations Specialist

Ify Anene

Music Operations Specialist

Grant Coughlin

Music Operations Specialist

Marija Milenkovic

Music Sourcing Manager

Änna Marsh

A&R Manager

Jarred Causly

Licensing Manager

Peter Schneider

Director of Marketing

Hannah Connolly

Digital Marketing Manager

Eric Johnson

Graphic Designer

Kevin Parra

Graphic Designer

Jaz Joyner

Content Specialist & Copywriter

Karen Dezelle

Artist Community Manager

Kyle Warner

Distribution Manager

Savannah Lee

Customer Success Manager

David Walthers

VP Sales

Samantha Schilling

VP Business Development

Alex Menck

Senior Client Partner

Matt McMullian

Senior Account Executive (NY)

Chris Strickland

Account Executive

Jake Stirn

Sales Development Representative

Kayla Lewis

Senior Accountant

Bob Rafeedie

VP Software Engineering

Wyatt Elliot

Software Developer

Matthew Garry

Software Developer

James Park

Software Developer

Cameron Bacciarini

Software Developer

Abhishek Jaiswal

Software Developer

Gabriel Macario

Software Test Developer

Drew Johnson

Software Test Developer

Megan Gallagher

UI/UX Designer

UK Team

Dominic Caisley

CEO | Big Sync

Phil Lawlor

CCO | Big Sync

Andrew Stafford

ECD | Big Sync

Eddie Walker

Director of Marketing & Business Development | Big Sync

Harry Morris

Business Development Manager | Big Sync

Alexandra Carlsson-Norlin

Music Supervisor | Big Sync

Lisa James

Music Supervisor | Big Sync

Robbie Josephs

Music Coordinator | Big Sync

Hannah Donald

Music Coordinator | Big Sync

Charlie Dilks

SVP Music

Asia Team

Angel Lee

Regional Director | Big Sync, APAC

Jordan Glick

Music Supervisor | Big Sync, Singapore

Lily Cao

Account Manager | Big Sync, Singapore

Kaylyn Lee

Financial Administrator | Big Sync, Singapore

Dany Inthaxoum

Business Development Manager, APAC

Jotaro Nonaka

Director Business Dev | Japan

John Cappo

Board Advisor | China

Australia Team

Michael Szumowski

Country Manager | Australia


Paul Caine

Board Advisor

Phil Quartararo

Board Advisor

Bryan Biniak

Board Advisor

Jimmy O'Mahoney

Board Advisor

Steve Gledden

Board Advisor

Sean Olson

Board Advisor

Damian Bradfield

Board Advisor